Workshop Program

The list of accepted papers:

  1. On the Engineering of AI-Powered Systems, Evgeny Kusmenko, Svetlana Pavlitskaya, Bernhard Rumpe and Sebastian Stüber.
  2. Mining Text in Incident Repositories: Experiences and Perspectives on Adopting Machine Learning Solutions in Practice, Janardan Misra and Sanjay Podder.
  3. Predicting Defects with Latent and Semantic Features from Commit Logs in an Industrial Setting
  4. Where Does LDA Sit for GitHub? Beyza Eken, Rifat Atar, Sahra Sertalp and Ayse Tosun.
  5. Project Achilles: A Prototype Tool for Static Method-Level Vulnerability Detection of Java Source Code Using a Recurrent Neural Network, Nicholas Saccente, Josh Dehlinger, Lin Deng, Suranjan Chakraborty and Yin Xiong.
  6. Can AI Close the Design-Code Abstraction Gap? James Ivers, Ipek Ozkaya and Robert Nord.
  7. Galaxies: Application Dependency System and Knowledge Graph, Hanzhang Wang, Chirag Shah, Praseeda Sathaye, Amit Nahata, Sanjeev Katariya
  8. Software Quality and Context for Rich Source Code Representations, Jason McInerney